Housing Procedure

Check-In Procedures

All students are required to check into the residence hall to which they have been assigned. The RA of their assigned residence hall or the Director of Housing Operations will assist them by providing an emergency contact form, key assignment, Housing agreement, and Room Condition Report (RCR). The application for housing, housing agreement, and emergency contact form must be completed prior to moving into the residence hall. The resident is responsible for completing and submitting their Room Condition Report (RCR) within 48 hours of moving into a new space during the semester. If the resident does not have a completed RCR on file upon check-out, the room will be assumed to have been in pristine condition prior to move in. At no time are students permitted to randomly switch rooms or roommates during the check-in process. Concerns about check-in should be directed to the RA of the assigned building or Director for Housing Operations.

Check-Out Procedures

A student is required to check out when vacating a room at the end of a term. Proper check-out procedure consists of making an appointment with the RA or professional staff member, emptying the room of personal belongings, cleaning the room, being present during the inspection of the room, signing the check-out paperwork, and turning in keys. Any deviation from this procedure will result in a fine and/or loss of deposit being assessed for damages, cleaning, keys, and/or improper check‐out.

Cancellation of housing by a resident during the semester forfeits the housing deposit. Prior to the cancellation of housing, a Housing Cancellation Form must be completed and submitted to the Director of Housing Operations.

Any items left in a room after check‐out will become the property of LMU to use or to dispose of as deemed proper. Rooms not cleaned, left with food, trash, belongings, or damage to the room will result in charges.

The Office of Residential Housing reserves the right to alter check out procedures at any time during the academic year. Additionally, the Office of Residential Housing may implement alternative or abbreviated check out procedures when deemed necessary. 

Hall Meetings

Regular hall meetings are held during each semester to provide students with information relevant to their area and Residential Housing in general. Students are required to attend these meetings as information is communicated which will impact what goes on in the residence halls.

Furthermore, hall meetings are an important part of getting to know other residents in your building.

Housing Freeze

During the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, the Office of Residential Housing will institute a housing freeze. During this two week period, students will not be permitted to submit room change requests, nor will any room change requests be considered.


Most residence hall rooms are double occupancy. In the event that a resident is left without a roommate for whatever reason, or if the Office of Residential Housing determines that there is a need to combine two or more apartments in order to provide space for more residents, the consolidation policy applies. This policy is usually enacted during the first month of each semester but can be enforced as needed by the Director of Housing Operations.

Students without roommates have options appropriate to their situation. Options may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Find a roommate or move in with someone on the consolidation list;
  2. Pay an additional charge for a private room, if available (Only in Liles and West); or
  3. Be assigned a roommate at the discretion of the Office of Residential Housing.