Department Overview

Residential Housing Staff

Director of Housing Operations
Director of Residence Life
Director of Residential Accountability
Resident Assistants (RAs): see website for up-to-date staff list

Community Living 

An important part of the total college experience is to live in a residence hall and participate more fully in college‐related activities. Therefore, programs and activities are planned to promote socialization, cultural awareness, good health practices, and life‐learning experiences. Living in the residence halls is a privilege, and each student is responsible for helping to create an environment that promotes safe, healthy, and comfortable living for all. Each floor and building should reflect the character of the students residing on that floor and express a sense of community. Good taste should be shown when promoting one’s floor during Theme Weeks, Homecoming, and Holidays.

LMU offers a wide variety of activities outside the classroom. Some are sponsored by the University, while others are created and organized by campus organizations. Some activities include dances, contests, Founders’ Day, Homecoming, athletic events, intramurals, stand-up comedy, and other types of activities and entertainment. Students are encouraged to contact a member of the Student Services team if they want to request a certain activity.


The programming efforts of the Resident Assistants seek to challenge students to grow and develop in many dimensions. These dimensions are designed to help residents develop life and social skills, while informing residents of the resources available on campus. Residents that are interested in a specific activity for their hall or building should speak to their designated Resident Assistant. Students who are interested in the Lincoln Activities Board are encouraged to speak with their Resident Assistant, Director of Residence Life, or the Director of Student Activities & Engagement to communicate their interests directly.

Hours of Operation 

The Residential Housing Staff is available 24/7 for students living in campus housing. On-campus residents can dial (423) 869-6500 for 24/7 access to residential housing staff. The Office of Residential Housing is located in Student Center 317-319 and is open from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM during the school year.

During breaks where the University remains open, the Office of Residential Housing is open from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM or as posted. Residential Housing Staff members are on duty from 4:30 PM to 4:30 PM the following day. During that time, each staff member is on duty from 4:30 PM-10:00 PM and is “on-call” from 10:00 PM-4:30 PM until his/her shift ends. Residential Housing staff members are always available for students living in campus housing and willing to help with any problem or concern, regardless of the hour.

Residence Hall Closures

Traditionally, the residence halls and dining services close during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Students who wish to stay during these breaks will be charged, because this time is not included in the semester’s residence hall rate. The only students who will not be charged are athletes who are in season and required by coaches to stay on campus, students who are working for the University, and graduate students living in 12-month residence halls. Students who stay during these breaks may be subject to being moved into another residence hall during the break since a minimum number of residence halls are kept open. Students who do not turn in their keys to the Residential Housing Staff during these breaks will be charged for staying the break.

Summer Housing

Students staying for the summer must have an academic or other University-related reason for applying to remain in on-campus housing. Students who stay during the summer will be relocated into available housing. This is necessary for cleaning and maintenance of the buildings. The charge for the summer term is based on the regular semester charges for the building being utilized.