Financial liability for damages lies with the residents in their assigned bedroom, suite, apartment, or building per their signed housing agreement. Repeated damages have a direct impact on housing rates if no responsible party is found or comes forward. If damages occur in an apartment, suite or the common areas of a building and no individual takes responsibility, the Office of Residential Housing will divide the charges among the occupants and bill their student accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, common entryways, hallways, lounges, kitchens, and the immediate exterior/grounds (including littering). If damage occurs in a suite or an apartment, the residents of the suite/apartment will be held responsible. If damages occur to the exterior of the building, the charge may be assessed to residents of the facility. If damage occurs, please report to your RA or to the Office of Residential Housing as soon as possible. A work order will be submitted to repair the damage, and the responsible parties will be subject to appropriate charges. A damage liability form is available through your RA. If the person responsible for the damage completes and submits the form, a discount may be applied to the charge.