Scope of the Code of Conduct

The expectations, policies, and procedures set forth in the Railsplitter Community Standards Guide apply in and to members of our community including full and part-time University students; graduate, professional and doctoral students; student employees; and student organizations. A person becomes a student when the person is “in attendance” at the institution.

At Lincoln Memorial University, a student is “in attendance” when the student has deposited and registered for an academic term. A student is deemed enrolled throughout their time here, including during summer session, study abroad programs, academic and conduct suspensions, and other absences where there is an expectation of continuing progress toward a Lincoln Memorial University degree.

All professional programs conduct processes respective to their particular school to address conduct and community standards matters. In certain cases, graduate and professional students or student organizations may also be held accountable for non-academic misconduct through professional or organizational standards or codes of ethics. This does not preclude the University from taking action in accordance with the Code. The Railsplitter Community Standards Guide applies on and off campus. It also applies to online and electronic domains.

Lincoln Memorial University may choose to apply the Code at any time and in any context in which the University has an identifiable interest. The Assistant Dean of Students or their designee has discretion, subject to discretionary review by the Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Support Services, to determine the jurisdiction and parameters of the Code.