Amenities & Resources

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are provided in each of the residence halls in order to provide residents with information about activities occurring within the residence halls and around campus. Students are encouraged to read these boards frequently in order to be informed about campus life. Only Residential Housing Staff are permitted to post on the bulletin boards located within the residence halls.


Lincoln Memorial University provides digital cable via either Vyve Broadband or Sunset Digital. One cable jack is installed in each bedroom and each lounge/living room. Cable boxes may be picked up from the Office of Residential Housing during normal business hours. Splicing/splitting of the cable line or tampering with the data ports is prohibited.


Internet access is available in all residence halls on campus. Students must bring their own device to access the Internet from their residence halls. The LMU Network supports both Windows based and Apple Mac based computers. The IS Helpdesk is more familiar with Microsoft Windows environments, but can offer basic help for Apple Mac computers as well. Wireless-N is available in all residence halls on the main campus, and wired ports are also available in most rooms. To access the LMU Network and the Internet from your room, your computer must have either a Wireless B, G, or N card. To access the student wireless network, connect your computer to the network named LMU_OpenAccess and enter your LMU MyLMU account credentials when prompted.

Students who wish to connect to the Internet will be required to keep their computers in compliance with IS policies, which will include installing a network access control (NAC) client on their local PC. This client is used by the University to assure that the student computer has updated virus protection, is running an authentic operating system and has all the necessary security patches for that operating system installed. This client is a non-intrusive application that can easily be removed when the student disconnects from the University’s network. Students will not be allowed to connect to the network without this application. 

If you have difficulty accessing the LMU Network or the Internet from your residence hall, contacting the IS Help Desk is preferred so that they are able to work with the resident directly, but as always you are able to contact the Resident Assistant (RA) for your residence hall/floor.


Laundry facilities are available for every residential student. On-campus apartments are equipped with washers and dryers. Laundry Rooms are available in each building for individual residents to use. All laundry is free of charge to residential students. If there are issues with a washer or dryer appliance, residents should contact the Residential Housing Staff for assistance.

Lounge & Study Spaces

West, Liles, and LP Halls provide students with lounge areas. Lounge areas are available as study spaces and socialization. These lounge areas are open to students who reside in the building and are equipped with comfortable furniture and may have recreational equipment.

Recreation Spaces

Some residential facilities are equipped with indoor or outdoor recreational spaces. These include an outdoor basketball and sand volleyball court at the Village and an indoor gym at the University Inn.

These spaces are for community use and we ask residents to be respectful of others' right to use and enjoy these spaces.

Vending Machines

University Inn, West, Liles, and LP Hall have vending machines located on the first floor. Soda and snack machines are available to students; however, change is required to access these machines.