Residential Key Processes

Issued Keys

A student receives a key which opens the front door and room upon check‐in. Each student is responsible for keeping their room door locked as well as the outside residence hall doors. Keys are turned into the Office of Residential Housing when University housing is closed (Winter and Summer Breaks). Residents are required to pick up the room key after each semester break. Duplicating University keys is prohibited. Possession of University keys other than those assigned is not permitted.

Lost or Stolen Keys

A lost key should be reported immediately to the Residential Housing Staff and a charge of $50.00 will be assessed for the lost room keys. If keys are not turned in at designated times (holidays or breaks), the resident will be charged for staying the entire break. The student must turn in all residence hall keys upon checkout with a Residential Housing staff member. The charge for not returning keys at check‐out is $50.00.

Lock Out Procedure

In the event that a resident becomes locked out of their residence hall space, the resident should go to the Office of Residential Housing. When the office is closed, residents should call the 24/7 Residential Housing Line at (423) 869-6500. Students are reminded that responding to a lockout call is not an emergency and the staff will respond as soon as possible. Each student receives one free lockout with each subsequent lockout resulting in a charge of $25.00.