Meal Plans

Meal Plan Requirement

All undergraduate students living in campus residence halls are required to participate in one of the meal plans. If students would like to change their meal plan upon the start of a new semester, they may do so during the first week of classes in the Office of Residential Housing.

Meal Plan Options

  1. Meal Plan #1: unlimited meals
  2. Meal Plan #2: 14 meals per week/150 flex dollars
  3. Meal Plan #3 (upperclass students only): 10 meals per week/300 flex dollars
  4. Meal Plan #4 (Clinical students only): 10 meals per week

Meal Plan Accommodations

Any student who must follow a specific diet may supply the Director of Dining Services with a prescription diet from the student's physician. Every effort will be made to accommodate the student's special dietary needs. The LMU Dining Hall serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A schedule of hours is posted in the cafeteria. Students with special schedules (student teaching, practicum, internship or clinicals) may discuss their class schedules with the Director of Dining Services for possible accommodations.

Meal plan exemptions must be approved by the Office of Accessible Education Services.