Prohibited Conduct

The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to provide a structure to hold students accountable for their actions and decisions in an effort to educate, reform, and transform future behavior on campus.

The Student Code of Conduct (''the Code") is intended to describe the standards of respect members of the Railsplitter Community are being held to. This includes discussing the types of behaviors that conflict with University standards as well as setting forth the general procedures ("Conduct Process") that shall be used to ensure these standards are met by all students. In sum, the LMU Conduct Process represents an opportunity for members of the Railsplitter Community to take responsibility for any harm they may have caused and process how the harm can be restored for the individuals involved. These restorative practices can provide the space for profound learning moments and reparations.

The Conduct Process provides students the opportunity to respond to allegations brought against them and to offer their perspective regarding the allegations. It is designed to fit within the University's larger education system and does not function as a court of law. Where the allegations are more serious, and therefore the consequences are potentially more serious, the rules of procedure are more formally structured. The Conduct Process is not a substitute for the criminal and civil courts and, therefore, may function simultaneously to any criminal, civil, or administrative proceedings.