Amnesty Provisions

The Code of Student Conduct is intended to provide all students with the ability to participate in the student conduct process and to seek assistance from the University as needed. In order to encourage students to disclose all relevant information, the University reserves the discretion to refrain from taking disciplinary action against any individual (including a witness or a third party) who shares information in the interest of any individual’s health and safety. This includes, but is not limited to, amnesty for the consumption of alcohol or other drugs at or near the time of any incident. The University may require a formal meeting where support, resources, and educational counseling options may be discussed and potentially required with a learning action plan for an individual who has engaged in the illegal or prohibited use of alcohol or drugs. Amnesty may not be given if individuals or groups engage in deceptive behavior, have a significant delay in response or in any way endanger the safety of another. The Assistant Dean of Students, or designee, has final say as to whether amnesty should apply.