Welcome to the Railsplitter Community

The Railsplitter Community Standards Guide (commonly referred to as the Code or Code of Student Conduct) consists of the necessary information, policies, procedures, and guides to help students enrolled at Lincoln Memorial University thrive as members of the Railsplitter Community. Regardless of student level (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) or residential/commuter status, the following guide will assist students in navigating the University system; provide them with University standards, guidelines, and procedures; and offer sample forms/document links where necessary. In conjunction with the appropriate Student Handbook, Academic Catalog, and perhaps program-specific handbook/catalog, this Community Standards Guide applies to all students enrolled at Lincoln Memorial University. For students who live in one of our residential facilities, additional guidelines and expectations are set forth to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as residential members of the Railsplitter Community.

The Railsplitter Community Standards Guide is meant to help foster the community value of respect. In doing so, it explains the rights and responsibilities intended to help support the learning and living environment at Lincoln Memorial University. Enrolled students are responsible for being aware of policies and procedures outlined within this guide and other University materials.

The Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Support Services are responsible for the Railsplitter Community Standards Guide. This document will be reviewed each academic year, and an updated version (including any necessary changes) will be made available to the entire LMU community. Policies, procedures, and practices may change at any time. If changes are made during the academic year, students will be informed of changes in writing via their official University email.