Residential Misconduct

Section 8.19: Alcohol

PLEASE NOTE: All students are subject to the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws. The following applies to alcohol possession and consumption in residential facilities owned and operated by Lincoln Memorial University.

Undergraduate Residence Halls

  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in any designated undergraduate residence halls on campus at any time by any person, regardless of age. Designated undergraduate residence halls are Burchett, McClelland, Norton, Peters, West, Liles, LaFrentz-Poole, Pope, Mitchell, and Dishner.

Graduate Residence Halls

  1. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in residential rooms in designated graduate residence halls, provided that the graduate students are 21 years or older. Of-age graduate students are allowed to have beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages in graduate housing, as long as there are no individuals under the age of 21 present. Graduate students are subject to the general limitations and restrictions identified herein. Designated graduate residence halls are University Inn, Mars, Lee, Dawson, Shelton, and Langley.

General Limitations and Restrictions

  1. Common source distribution devices for alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  2. Students under the legal age of 21 may not possess, consume, sell, or distribute alcohol at any time, regardless of location.
  3. Students of legal age may not provide or encourage the possession, consumption, sale, or distribution of alcohol by any underage student.
  4. Empty bottles, cans, or containers of alcohol may not be utilized as room décor and must be disposed of properly and immediately.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in any public areas (including hallways), lounges, pool area, laundries, pavilions, common areas, etc.

Section 8.20: Appliances

  1. Personal refrigerators may not exceed 3.5 cubic feet.
  2. Personal microwaves may not exceed 1000 watts and 1.0 cubic feet.
  3. The only heating-related appliances permitted in residential spaces are coffee pots, slow cookers, and popcorn poppers.
  4. University-owned appliances within residential spaces should be well maintained, including but not limited to regular cleaning and proper use.
  5. Grills of any type are not permitted on campus. There are outside grills located on the campus for student use. Any grills brought to campus will be confiscated from the student.

Section 8.21: Arson & Fire Safety

  1. Candles, open flame lamps, halogen lamps, and incense are not permitted in rooms.
  2. Extension cords are not permitted in residential spaces. Students should use surge protectors.
  3. Items should not be hung or attached to the ceiling as this is prohibited due to fire safety regulations.

Section 8.22: Courtesy & Quiet Hours

  1. Student residents are expected to be respectful of other community members during and outside quiet hours and should maintain reasonable noise levels at all times. In the event that a resident is approached about being quiet during quiet hours, students should be courteous to the request and maintain a lower noise level immediately.
  2. Residents are expected to observe quiet hours from 10:00 PM-10:00 AM, Sunday evenings through Friday mornings. Weekend quiet hours (Friday evening through Sunday morning) are observed from 12:00 AM-10:00 AM.
  3. During exam periods, a 24-hour quiet period will be in effect beginning the Friday of the last day of classes and ending Saturday morning at the conclusion of Finals Week during the fall and spring semesters.

Section 8.23: Furniture, Keys, & Doors

  1. University-owned residence hall furniture must remain in the designated room. Students are not permitted to move furniture, including mattresses, from apartment suite living rooms into a bedroom. Mattresses must remain in assigned bedrooms. Under no circumstances may furniture leave the building or common areas.
  2. Outside furniture is not permitted unless approved by the Office of Residential Housing.
  3. Carpets and rugs are permitted in residence hall rooms as long as they are not affixed to the floor.
  4. Bed risers may not exceed 12 inches and must be professionally manufactured exclusively to support and raise furniture.
  5. Residents are issued room and/or suite keys upon check-in. Residents are not permitted to duplicate or lend keys to others.
  6. Exterior doors should remain secured.

Section 8.24: Pets

  1. Animals are strictly prohibited in the residence halls, unless authorized under the University’s policies pertaining to service animals and approved Emotional Support Animals, or unless the resident is a graduate student living in designated “pet-friendly” graduate housing.
  2. Non-carnivorous fish are the only pets allowed. Tanks for such fish should not exceed 10 gallons.
  3. Inappropriate disposal of animal refuse; unauthorized pet location may result in a fine (see Sanctioning Grid).

Please find the Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Policy at the following link:

Please find the Pet & Service Animal Policy at the following link:

Section 8.25: Space Personalization

  1. Residents whose spaces are equipped with personal bathrooms are expected to provide their own toilet tissue and shower curtains with rods.
  2. Residents are responsible for removing any decorations and/or anything else not provided by the University prior to checking out of the room.
  3. Residents are not allowed to use nails, hooks, or anything that will put a hole in the wall, peel the paint off, or leave marks. Residents are responsible for removing adhesive strips or putty.
  4. Residents are not allowed to paint the walls of their residential space.
  5. Residents are not authorized to perform any type of repair to damage themselves. Maintenance Requests should be submitted in a timely manner to address issues.
  6. String lights used for decoration should not be hot to the touch.

Section 8.26: Storage

  1. Storage is not provided for students’ personal belongings. All items left in rooms after the student checks out will become the property of LMU to use or dispose of as deemed necessary.

Section 8.27: Trash & Cleanliness

  1. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of individual rooms and supplies, equipment, and labor are the shared responsibility of the roommates.
  2. Students should bag their trash and ensure it is properly disposed of in the designated dumpsters.
  3. Residents are also responsible for contributing to the cleanliness of the hallways, restrooms, and common areas. Items left in common areas will be placed in the trash cans in those areas.
  4. Inappropriate disposal of trash, including ejecting or dropping any object from windows in residence halls, balconies, LMU University building, or placed outside of residential halls, LMU University buildings etc. may result in fines charged to student(s) accounts. See Sanctioning Grid.

Section 8.28: Unauthorized Entry to Residential Spaces

  1. Residents are not permitted to duplicate, lend, swap, or exchange room and/or suite keys with others.
  2. To ensure the safety and security of students and property, exterior doors must remain closed and locked at all times.

Section 8.29: Visitation & Guests

  1. The Residential Guest policy is designed to balance the needs and interests of all members of the residential community while supporting residence hall safety, resident comfort, student development, academic achievement, and campus community. A guest is an individual who is not an enrolled student at Lincoln Memorial University or an individual who is not assigned to live in University housing. Visitors are defined as residential LMU students.
  2. Visitors and Guests are expected to follow all University policies and procedures. Residential Students accept responsibility for the actions and behaviors of their guests. Failure of guests to follow policies could result in a guest being removed from campus.
  3. All guests must register with the Office of Residential Housing in order to visit and be present in any residential facility on campus.
  4. Regular Visitation hours for all residence halls are from 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM on weeknights (Sunday Thursday). Visitation on the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) is not limited to specific hours as long as all roommate(s) are amenable to a guest being present in the residential space.
  5. Guests must be escorted by their host at all times regardless of building or residential community. Guests may not be left in residential facilities while hosts are not present. In buildings with a shared bathroom facility (West and Liles), Visitors/Guests may only use the restroom facilities specific to the visitor’s/guest’s gender and only with the host/hostess standing by the outer door.
  6. Guests may not be provided with an access card or key to any residential facility. 
  7. Guests must be at least eighteen (18) years old and present a valid state issued ID that contains proof of age in order to register as a guest.
  8. Family members must register as guests with the Office of Residential Housing. Family members of Residents who are younger than sixteen (16) may register as guests but the resident or another registered family member must be present with the child at all times and the child is prohibited from staying overnight.
  9. Hosts of a guest are responsible for obtaining a temporary parking pass for their guest from Campus Police & Security.
  10. Guests must register as an overnight guest at least five (5) business days before planned arrival in order to stay overnight in any residential facility. Roommates must be agreeable to overnight guest presence. An overnight guest may not stay more than two (2) sequential nights and may not register with a different roommate to extend guest presence. Subsequently, a period of at least three (3) weeks must pass between each approved stay before a guest may register for an additional stay with the Office of Residential Housing. Residential students may not register as an overnight guest of another residential student.
  11. Any person who:
    1. stays in a residence hall without permission from the Office of Residential Housing;
    2. attempts to register fraudulently to avoid room and board costs; or 
    3. assists another in staying without permission or attempting to or registering fraudulently

may be charged the full cost of room and board for that semester and/or may be suspended.

Section 8.30: Windows

  1. Nothing should be hung or thrown from windows.
  2. Windows should not be used as an entry or exit to a residential space, unless necessitated by an emergency.
  3. Curtains may be added to the windows if tension rods are used as long as no damage is caused. If damage occurs, the resident(s) will be charged. Nothing is permitted to be displayed in or attached to windows, and nothing is to be placed between the blinds and the window.
  4. Stereos may not be played out of windows